Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thailand Day 6: Kiatphontip and Chatuchak Market

Finally got diarrhea!  It wasn't that bad actually.  I woke up felling fine, but started to feel a little queasy during the van ride to Kiatphontip gym.  As soon as we got to the gym, I had to go to the bathroom and knew right away it was going to be bad.  I wanted to get some training in, so i skipped rope, shadowboxed, drilled some technique with the trainer, did a round of padwork and then a round of bagwork.  At that point I started to cramp real bad and get a headache; I decided to take it easy then.  Fortunately one of the foreign fighters at the camp had some A/D and charcoal tablets.  That seemed to settle my stomach and I was able to get in a couple more rounds on the bag.

This is generally what happens when gringos clinch with Thais.

Rambutan fruit was our workout snack.

After the morning training we headed over the Chatuchak market which is the largest market in Thailand.  It was overwhelming.  Not only was it enormous, but the walkways between all the stalls were very narrow.  You could easily get lost in the place.  We started out in the live animal section, which was a little depressing.  There was everything from stingrays to owls (alive and dead) to cockfights, and cockroaches everywhere.  On the flip side, there were sections of the market that were basically high end boutique stores.  Its a crazy place. 


One of the more open areas of the market.

Coconut ice cream served in a coconut.

This dog was ridiculous.  Shoes and jeans, really?
After spending a few hours at Chatuchak, some of the guys went for another Thai massage.  I opted out for a walk and nap instead.  The rest of the evening was pretty low key; we just ate dinner at a restaurant across the street from our hotel.  We get to sleep in in the morning so hopefully I can get some rest and have a good training session tomorrow.


  1. omg, that dog!!!!!!! could it walk? it needs sunglasses.

  2. Oh yeah, that dog was walking around when we spotted it. It actually seemed quite happy and proud of its outfit. As we started taking pictures of it, it sat down to pose for us.