Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Brief Introduction...

I'm primarily starting this blog as a way to write about and document my upcoming trip to Thailand.  I thought I'd want to provide some longer narratives than what facebook is suited for.  I guess I also thought that people would want to read this crap, but most likely not.  Either way, it'll be good exercise for me as I don't write nearly enough (and it probably shows).  Depending on how it goes, I may keep this thing going afterward if I can find interesting things to write about. 

The name of this blog is stolen from the book by James Baldwin which I happened to be reading when I made the decision to leave my job with DOT after seven and a half years.  There were a couple parts of the book that resonated with me and helped to affirm my decision to leave my job, so I jacked the title.  Sorry James.

Anyway, I leave in a week (May 15th), and won't be there for too long, a little under two weeks.  Much of my time there will be spent training Muay Thai at 6 different gyms in and around Bangkok.  The rest of the time I'll be doing touristy stuff, shopping, and going to the major Muay Thai stadiums to watch fights.  The goal is to post daily updates here while I'm in Thailand, but that may be a little ambitious.  I might post again before I leave, otherwise it'll probably be when I'm bored during my 29 hours of flights getting to Bangkok.  I've never flown more than 6 hours, so feel free to pass along any advice if you've taken long flights. It certainly doesn't sound like much fun.


  1. Looking forward to reading your blog Doug and your thai adventures.

  2. Doug I am so excited for you.What a wonderful opprotunity you are creating for yourself and to share this expierence with all of us is geat! 29 hours a flight time wow! that is quite a bit of time- take time to get up stretch the body. I am very interested in your study of this particular fighting style. you sound ready and very capable to navigate around a new culture. this blog idea is exellent! i look forward to reading and responding. oh by the way your style of writing is clear and full of your personality. you are beautiful writer. very proud of your decisions. i can feel that your leaving the DOT was quite a step to freedom.
    jamie ps trying to figure how to post comments:)