Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thailand Day 5: Kaewsamrit and Ghost Door

Our morning training session was at Kaewsamrit and it felt like the toughest session yet.  It was probably a combination of fatigue from the 3 previous days as well as their regimented style of training with conditioning drills built in.  I liked it though.  We got to work on a lot of flashy techniques like reverse and flying elbows.  After the training session, an old lady rolled up with her fruit cart which was a perfect post-workout snack.  For 10 Baht or 33 cents you could get about half a pineapple.  Lunch was nothing special as we ate at more of a restaurant type place, but we wanted to be inside in the A/C.

Mike, Adrian and I decided to walk up to the gear shops at Lumpini stadium after lunch.  Muay Thai gear here in Thailand costs about half what it does in the States.  While walking along Lumpini Park I happened to glance through the fence.  On the other side was about a half dozen or so 5-6' or longer water monitors.

Lumpini Park.  The monitor lizard infested canal is just on the other side of the fence.

After gear shopping we decided to relax at the rooftop pool before heading out to dinner.  For dinner we headed to Thip Samai, or Ghost Door Pad Thai.  It is known as being one of the best pad thai places in Bangkok.  It was amazing.  While eating we asked if they sold shirts.  We got some confused looks from the employees, but after checking with the boss lady, she agreed to sell us some that they probably had on hand for employees.  She quoted us 200 baht a shirt (less than $7) thinking it was too much and that we'd change our mind.  We said hell yeah, and when they brought the shirts out, I guess she felt bad and lowered the price to 600 Baht for all 5. We proceded to get even more confused looks, and I guess they couldn't understand why we wanted to buy their work uniforms.  In the end, we got some sweet shirts for about $4.

Panorama from the rooftop pool

Coming up on Day 6, Diarrhea!

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