Friday, May 20, 2011

Thailand Day 3: Wat Pho and Sitsongpeenong

This is probably going to become more of a picture blog seeing as we're so busy and sleep is becoming more important as training goes on.  But I'll get in as much as I can.  Pics from Wat Pho, also known as Temple of the reclining Buddha.

They were in the process of retiling the roof, and for a donation you could write the name of someone on the tile to earn them merit.

Temple Cat

If I were Buddhist, this would be my back tat.

Crossing the river to get to Temple of the Dawn

Tempe of the Dawn

Super steep stairs that were a little scary
  Video of the coconut water vender.  It was delicious.

First Tuk-Tuk ride with Jack

Sitsongpeenong is very new and very nice.  The gym is actually on the second floor at the back of the building.

The group with head trainer Monlit and champion Kem.

Giant Food court for Dinner

First Tofu dish.

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