Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've tried to redesign this blog a little and not have it look so shitty; I think I've partially succeded.  It doesn't seem as busy with the background image, but the title header is a little large.  I suck at (web) design, so oh well.  I've also tried to narrow the focus of this blog to my adventures in Muay Thai, but may throw some other stuff in.

Thailand 2.0

I haven't had much luck finding work, so I've decided instead to return to Thailand.  I bought a ticket on Tuesday, and I'll be there for 5 weeks this time; I leave Raleigh on August 2nd.  I wanted to go back for closer to 2 months, but some indecisiveness and also wanting to go to my cousin's wedding in September resulted in a 5 week trip instead of 8.  My cousin is getting married in Los Angeles, so I'll fly straight from Bangkok to LAX.  This will be nice to split up the excruciating 25+ hours of flying to get from Bangkok to Raleigh (its still about 17hrs to LAX from BKK).

I'll be spending most, if not all of my time on this trip staying at and training at Muay Thai camps.  A lot of the gyms not only offer training, but also have accommodation on site that often includes meals, wifi, and laundry.  I still have a lot of planning to do in terms of deciding what camps I want to train at, if I want to stay at one camp the whole 5 weeks, if I want to stay in Bangkok, head to the southern islands, or maybe a gym out in the sticks.  Hopefully I will have come up with a tentative plan by the end of this week.

To finish the post, here is the video that was the result of my last trip to Thailand.  It was all filmed and edited by Will and Mark at