Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rain and Rejuvenation at Promthep Cape

After nine 2+ hour training sessions in 4.5 days, I needed a break. I decided to walk from the gym at Rawai Beach up to Promthep Cape which is the southern most point on Phuket Island. I had wanted to go yesterday, but the rain never let up. The weather this afternoon looked ominous, but I was determined. I put on my swim trunks, put my wallet and camera in a ziplock, and headed out. It was about a 2.5 km walk to the cape, and the rain held out for a few hours, though it was quite windy. Promthep Cape was beautiful, and I hiked down to the rocky point and had it all to myself. It was very peaceful and I just sat out there for a couple hours and relaxed.

After awhile it started to rain and looked like it was going to get pretty dicey, so I started back up the trail. On the way back up I noticed this cool little cove that reminded me of Pirate's Cove near San Francisco. While checking it out, I totally noticed some soi dogs in the cove. There were no signs of people anywhere, and I'm not sure how the dogs got there. If it wasn't about to monsoon, I totally would have found a way down there and checked it out. Maybe Sunday morning I will. I want to find out what these cove dogs are up to.

I got drenched on the 2.5 km walk home, and about an hour after I got back the rain became a full fledged raging storm. See the video below. There is also a picture of the longtail boat that Linda and I took to Coral Island.
Longtail boat to Coral Island.

View of Nongnapat Muay Thai Gym from the boat.

Storm clouds over Promthep.

Path down to the rocky point of Promthep Cape.

Another Shot of the path to the point.

Self-timer action. The wind was so strong it blew me off balance.

View from where I sat watching the waves crash.

View of Ko Kaeo Yai.

Cove dogs.

Zoomed out view of the isolated cove with the cove dogs.

Cove dogs taking shelter from the rain.

Future (maybe current) plague dog.

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