Sunday, August 7, 2011

Settled in to the life of a Nak Muay

My lack of posts since I’ve been here is due to me settling in to the life of a nak muay.  This equates to a daily routine of train, eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep; repeat.  Today is Sunday which is rest day, so I’ve finally found time and energy to take some pictures and get some words down.

The first camp that I’m training is Kittana Muay Thai.  It was not one of the camps that I went to on my last trip, but from what I read online it seemed decent, was relatively cheap, and it was close enough into Bangkok that I could get into town for supplies and entertainment if need be.  The camp itself has a very country feel to it even though it's technically in Bangkok.  It is actually surrounded by a wetland and there is quite a bit of wildlife around.  I actually think it was built in the wetland; in the pictures you can see the standing water in the camp (granted it is the rainy season here).

Gym Area

Chill Area, Meal Hut, and Rooms.

View from my door, I'm in room #1.
One of the two gym dogs.

Wetland that surrounds the gym.

Powerplant and squatters across the street.

Wetland bird chillin next to my room.
The atmosphere at the camp here is quite weird though.  There seems to be about 3-4 other foreigners staying here, but they are all pretty reclusive and aren’t training.  In fact, at the last two morning sessions, I was the only one training, which is fine I guess because I get all 3 trainers to myself.  At the afternoon session a few of the local thai kids show up so it is not as lonely (including this adorable 9 year old who I’ll try to get some pictures of). 

There is another person I need to get a photo of as well.  I think he might be an in-law of one of the trainers, and he’s quite the character.  He is not thai, and I think he might be Pakistani or Indian.  At first he looks pretty intimidating because he’s got an intense stare, some grim reaperish tattoo on his chest, and the word ‘evil’ tattooed on his neck.  But then he walks around sometimes in nothing but boxers, a fanny pack and some sneakers.  He’s just staying at the camp and not training, but occasionally he’ll saunter over to the gym area.  Yesterday we got a good laugh as he was attempting some knees on the heavy bag, but was having a hard time due to his fanny pack getting in the way.

As today was my day off from training, I decided to head to the closest mall, Seacon Square.  It in another enormous mega-mall here in Bangkok, that is 4 floors of just about everything.  The only things I bought were some apples at the Tesco Lotus (Japanese Wal-Mart) and a couple donuts at Dunkin Donuts.   

Seacon Square.  This is only the open atrium area, the mall is way bigger then this.

  I'm off to go eat, and hopefully I'll get a post in before next Sunday, but maybe not. 

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