Monday, August 8, 2011

Photos from around the Neighborhood

Had another solo training session this morning; its beginning to feel like I have my own private gym.  After training I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and snapped a few pictures.  I've walked up and down the side street that the gym is off of a couple times now.  Theres a lot of little shops, food stalls and street vendors.  I went out last night for some dinner, but it started raining so I had to duck in a little convenience shop before finding some substantial food.  My dinner consisted of a green tea, two packs of cookies, and a pastry, all for just $1.17.  I know I should have eaten something healthier, but I didn't know what anything else in the store was as the packaging was all in Thai and I only recognized the junk food.  I've included some maps to give some idea of my location.

The gyms location in Bangkok.  The Gray blob to the east is the airport.

Satellite view showing the gym surrounded by wetland.

Road Leading Away from the Gym

Abandoned Building mid-construction.  That scaffolding is certainly OSHA approved.

Canal near the gym.

On Nut 65, road the gym is off of.

Local restaurant I've yet to eat at.

Road leading up to the gym

Old Buddhist shrine along the road.

Prime wetland real-estate

Gym from the road.
More to come!


  1. Have you found a reliable source of sticky rice?

  2. Oh yeah, right here at the gym. I've taken to eating family style with the trainers, which means sticky rice twice a day! We even had a darker wild rice version, aroi!