Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fish Garden, Food, and Traning Footage

Fish Garden

One of the other foreigners here at Kittana told me about a fish garden about 1km up the canal.  Yesterday afternoon I decided to walk up and check it out.  I don't know if garden is the appropriate word, it is basically just a feeding ground for fat ass spoiled catfish.  It's on the grounds of a temple, and I think they use the sale of bread for feeding the fish as a way to raise money.


While walking back along the street to the gym I heard a little boy say 'pad thai,' so of course I had to stop and order a plate of $1 pad thai for myself.  I've also been eying up these pastries that one of the street vendors by the gym sells so I decided to get one.  10 baht for a warm delicious pastry filled with some banana custard.  For dinner at the gym we ordered delivery bbq.  The driver shows up on a scooter and brings you two mini grills, charcoal, meat, broth, veggies and sauces.  The grill top has a channel around the outside to heat the broth and veggies while the meat gets cooked in the middle. I failed to get a picture, but here is one.

Pad Thai Cart

Banana Custard filled Pastry
 Seeing as how I missed AM training this morning and half of PM due to diarrhea, I probably shouldn't have eaten all that stuff, especially the spicy thai bbq and cabbage, but I feel fine today, had solid poops, and actually ran 7miles before training this morning.

Training Footage

Here's what you've all been waiting for.  It seems all I've been writing about is food lately, and to prove I'm not just eating myself fat, I decided to get some training footage.  So, here I am after a week and a half at Kittana.

Finally, my laptop took the shit yesterday and so my blogging career may be cut short on this trip.  Maybe I'll find a solution, but if not, updates will be rare here.

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  1. Cool, dude. I like the boxing trunks from the August 8 blog.