Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pornsaneh and Yodkhoopon Sitmonchai Documentary

Posting to this blog probably won't help get the word out to more than two people, but what the hell. Here's the bit from my facebook page:

If anyone can spare a few dollars, please consider supporting this. While in Thailand, I stayed at Sitmonchai and was welcomed with open arms. They treated me like family, and I am forever indebted to them. Pornsaneh's generosity and friendliness was inspiring; he would take time out of his own fight training to work with anyone, no matter their skill level. The majority of thai boxers come from little or nothing, and will never have the opportunity to have their story told. Porsaneh and Yodkhoopon are more than deserving of the opportunity. If you can help, they and I would be grateful.

Please lend a few dollars if you can. This has been making the rounds on the Muay Thai blogosphere, and it's a bit disappointing at how little support its getting. Everyone is paying lip service, but no one is actually stepping up.  Michael Galvin who is trying to create this documentary makes fantastic videos, and what he can produce with the proper funding will be nothing short of amazing.  I must have watched the highlight below about 100 times before going to Thailand the first time.  It's pretty inspiring.

Click below to check out all the info on the documentary and help out if you can! 

Thank You! 

p.s. I should update this blog more often, but I'm in grad school, working part time and trying to get to the gym 3-4 days a week.  If I'm at home in front of a computer I'm usually doing school work.  Hopefully I can put up a post soon about the gym I'm training at here in Raleigh.  We'll see...   

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